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Come relax and bathe in the beautiful sounds of the crystal singing bowls.

Singing bowls can slow down and entrain our brain waves

to alpha or theta, while opening,
clearing and balancing our chakras,

returning the body back to its normal resonance.

A Sound Bath is a deeply relaxing, meditative and therapeutic experience

that can enhance well-being, reduce stress and tension

and balance the autonomic nervous system

to promote deep healing.

Participants lie down in savasana on a yoga mat with
a pillow and blanket and are guided in mindfulness meditation exercises and bathed in
the beautiful sounds and healing vibrations that resonate from various therapeutic

 Instruments include Quartz crystal and Himalayan singing bowls, Bio-
Sonic tuning forks, rattles, chimes, tank drum, voice and shruti box.

Participants often leave feeling relaxed, restored and re-balanced.

Benefits of a Sound Bath Include:
* Deep states of relaxation and meditation
* Reduced stress, pain and anxiety
* Enhanced mood
* Improved sleep
* Enhanced energy levels
* Increased focus and awareness




*Registrations canceled less than 24 before workshop will not be refunded
** There is a 3% fee on all credit card charges