1. I love the phylosophy of the owners/teachers, yoga is for all, and all can certainly practice in this loving, wholesome environment, thank you both for creating this space to stretch ……

  2. The Stretch is by far the most unique yoga studio I have practiced at. After starting in 2016 and finding them on Instagram, I never went any place else! Their yoga teachings are traditional, however the extra effort Chrissy and David put into mixing up their practice every day, always leaves me curious and fulfilled on so many levels. It is a studio of a warmth, safety where I have truly met new “family.” I always feel inspired by their motivation, mindfulness and connection to spirit. Lastly, when I first arrived, I couldn’t/ wouldn’t do an invert of any kind out of fear and today I practice as many inverts as I am able and that progress for me makes me happy and committed to being stronger both physically and mentally.

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