Summer Studio Happenings ( Pot Luck, 30 Day Challenge, New Schedule …ect)



Summer is here and there will be a new schedule for July/August and we will be closed the last week in August ( check out the schedule page for further info)

This Saturday ( June 28th) there will be no 3:00pm BASIC class. It will move to 1:00pm (and there it will stay for the rest of the summer). I will repost to remind you!

Our Vegan Pot Luck will be held this Sunday (June 29th) at 5:00pm and will be the last Sunday of the month from now on. Don’t forget there is a prize for best dish ( one free class) . If you need any suggestions on what to bring just let us know.

We are offering our 30 Day Challenge in July ( sign up between July 7th and July 25th to participate ) . The Challenge costs $165 and you will receive a Stretch t-shirt when you complete your 30 days …Good Luck Yogis!

7 Day Challenge


7 Day Challenge

The first of the 7 day challengers have graduated! Congratulations to Michelle Campagna, Kristen Kaessler , Dawn Rubbo ( Kristen Sidari and Naomi Sharkopf not pictured). All have gained strength and flexibility and improved their favorite poses and found out carving out time for themselves is priceless. Well done Yogis!

Memorial Day Weekend Schedule ( and Pot Luck info)


Memorial Day Weekend Schedule ( and Pot Luck info)

Memorial day weekend we will be running a limited schedule, one class each morning on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday (check the schedule page for times).

Our monthly Vegan Pot Luck was supposed to be on the last Sunday of the month but due to it falling on Memorial Day Weekend and the following Sunday ( June 1st) not seeming to work for anyone ( including us) we will be having it on Friday , May 30th at 8:00pm.

So bring a Vegan ( Gluten Free optional this time) dish, compete in the contest for best dish and maybe win a free class