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Breathwork Workshop

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Come in for a sample or use

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Cold Presses and Organic

Zero % THC


We Have a few Schedule Changes in March – so make sure you check the


before you book .

We have tried a lot of different CBD products and we found one that we really love đź’• @rootedhealthwellness uses 100% Organic Hemp ( certified )

and cold pressed

These products come in a variety of strengths, are broad spectrum – 0% THC

(for those who are tested at work )

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Message us if you have any questions

Thanksgiving Week Schedule

We have been back in the studio a few weeks now and it is so great to see you guys in person .

Classes sizes are small ( 5 people per class)

All must wear masks

and we disinfect the room between classes with peroxide solution

( like they use in dentist’s offices )

Plus we got a new air filter that works great .

If you have any questions our contacts are on the


We Are Live !!!

Thank you all for your patience and support as we enter yet another new phase !

Our New Booking System is up and running

Live classes start MONDAY , October 12th

If the Booking page has not appeared yet, you can


to navigate to it !

All the info about booking and our new safety protocol can be found


if you get stuck just shoot me a text or and email.

Cant wait to see you all

Studio Opening October 12th

We had planned on opening on the 5th ,

but the booking system is going to take a little more time than we thought to set up, enter all the existing packages and still give you time to register .

We will keep you updated as we get closer .

All previously held memberships will be reactivated on the 12th

with the time we were closed added to extend the expiration dates .

We will still have the online unlimited ( or drop-in ) and all classes will be Zoomed

(you can use your existing membership for online classes if you don’t think coming to the studio is right for you , but they will expire on the new expiration date )

There will be new protocol –

We are only allowed 5 people per class so pre-registration will be required

( hence the new booking system )

classes will be shorter ( 60 and 75 minutes )

so we can fit more in and also disinfect in between and masks are mandatory at all times !!!

We are so looking forward to see you all again !

If you have any questions ,

shoot us an email thestretchinfo@gmail.com or a text 914-906-8233