Fundraising Campaign



We never thought we would be here .

When we started our little studio 7 years ago we had dreams helping as many people as we could, find , what we had  found in our Yoga practice .
We wanted to show people how to  use Yoga to relieve stress and pain , to make space in their bodies , their minds and their lives.

What we didn’t realize was that a community would rise up around us .

Being at the studio 7 days a week is hard but so rewarding in many ways .  We don’t get to see our own families very often but we have come to know the love and support of this community , our Yoga family.

We celebrate each other’s accomplishments and birthdays , new additions,engagements and marriages  as well as support each other through hardships and losses. We will never forget the outpouring of love we received after the death of our beloved Babu , our studio dog , just days before we had to shut down .

We scrambled to learn the technology to keep the classes going on-line, for our physical and mental well being , as well as that of our Yoga family . The sense of community  is still palpable during our online classes ( we love to see your faces after class , we miss you all so much ) .

We never thought we would be here.

On the brink of losing it all .

We are going through a difficult time and we are reaching out for support in hopes that we have a space to return to when the dust has settled . When we can see you all in person again and hug each other .

We cannot wait for that day !

You can support us by :

– Donating ( no amount too small )

– Signing up for online classes

– Buying gift certificates

We know not everyone is in a position to help financially, there are other ways you can help .

– Sharing our fundraising efforts on your social media

– Leaving us a review

– Reaching Out

Like most small businesses who have had to close , we have applied for government assistance and have our fingers crossed .

Funds would go to :
Other Operating Costs

We are eternally  grateful to you who have continued to support us .

We love you all !

David and Chrissy

1 thought on “Fundraising Campaign

  1. Hi Chrissy ! I would love to donate. Go fund me charges a fee. Do you Venmo by any chance ?? Are you doing zoom classes ? If also sign up for those. Tina

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