No Kids Class this Saturday /Fall Specials / Upcoming Workshops /Sunday Supper Club


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Still time to take advantage of our

Fall Specials 

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This one fills up fast!

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Barbara Sloan


Friday , October 19th

Yoga Nidra

is a state of conscious sleep.

This healing practice

creates deep relaxation

and release of tension

while easing

anxiety, chronic pain, and

sleep disorders.

We will explore breath techniques, gentle stretching asana and guided visualization.

To register visit the





Our Vegan Pot Luck is back !

 Sunday , September 30th at 6pm

Caity won our first prize and gets to pick the theme:

“S” foods

– foods that start with S!

( Soup , Salad , Sammies , Spicy ,Saucy  , Sizzling … use your imagination)

So bring a Vegan (Gluten-Free Please) dish or beverage

and compete for first prize

One free class and your name on our Chef’s Trophy !

Let us know if you need any suggestions !


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