Class Cancellation / Weekend Workshops/ Memorial Day Weekend Schedule


Candice will be back next week






There is still some space

in this weekend’s





may nidra

Yoga Nidra

is a state of conscious sleep.

This healing practice

creates deep relaxation

and release of tension

while easing

anxiety, chronic pain, and

sleep disorders.

We will explore breath techniques, gentle stretching asana and guided visualization.

To register visit the


may croche

 2:00 PM

Kat is going to show us the Basics of crochet and teach us how to make this simple project

a hug for your mug with a rug

The price of the workshop includes all materials :

Yarn and Buttons

Crochet Hook


Then we will move on to more advanced projects in the future .


To register visit the




If you are coming on Monday , come early ! This class will fill up  fast !



Don’t forget , when you bring a new student who buys the special you get the same great deal !



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