Spring Sale Extended /Upcoming Workshops

spring sale



Spring is here! Time to shake the dust off To help you get back to your practice We are extending our Spring Sale until the end of the month !

$10 off any package *


7 day Challenge $60

10 Class Card $120

1 Month Unlimited $130

3 Month Unlimited $360

6 Month Unlimited $710

If already have a package you can buy now and we will hold it for you

One per customer

Sale ends April 30th

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________april Nidra


This Friday

Yoga Nidra

with Barbara Sloan

is a state of conscious sleep.

This healing practice

creates deep relaxation

and release of tension

while easing

anxiety, chronic pain, and

sleep disorders.

We will explore breath techniques, gentle stretching asana and guided visualization.

to sign up online visit the





cooking class

Learn how to veganize your favorite comfort foods

Some dishes we will be working on

Tomato Bisque 

Eggplant Rollentini 

“Meat” Loaf 

Shepard’s Pie 

“Fish ” and Chips

Flourless Chocolate cake

with Caramel Sauce 

To register online  visit the


________________________________________________________________________________________________________Sound Bath



Sound Bath with Gina Kijek

Saturday , May 5th

Come relax and bathe in the beautiful sounds of the crystal singing bowls.  Singing bowls can slow down and entrain our brain waves to alpha or theta, while opening, clearing and balancing our chakras, returning the body back to its normal resonance.

A Sound Bath is a deeply relaxing, meditative and therapeutic experience that can enhance well-being, reduce stress and tension and balance the autonomic nervous system to promote deep healing.  Participants lie down in savasana on a yoga mat with a pillow and blanket and are guided in mindfulness meditation exercises and bathed in the beautiful sounds and healing vibrations that resonate from various therapeutic drone instruments.  Instruments include Quartz crystal and Himalayan singing bowls, Bio-Sonic tuning forks, rattles, chimes, tank drum, voice and shruti box.

Benefits of a Sound Bath Include:

* Deep states of relaxation and meditation

* Reduced stress, pain and anxiety

* Enhanced mood

* Improved sleep

* Enhanced energy levels

* Increased focus and awareness

Participants often leave feeling relaxed, restored and re-balanced

For more info and to register online visit the




Kat is going to show us the Basics of crochet and teach us how to make this simple project

a hug for your mug with a rug

The price of the workshop includes all materials :

Yarn and Buttons

Crochet Hook


Then we will move on to more advanced projects in the future .


To register online visit the



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