Support for Gina

gina Gina Broetsky is a dear friend and part of our Yoga family at The Stretch .

You may know her from class , or from St. Barnabas church where she is a parishioner and where she taught in the elementary school for many years .

Gina was also a dance teacher at On Your Toes in Yonkers in addition to teaching at Visitation school before it closed and is currently teaching at St. Brendan’s in the Bronx.

Gina hasn’t been to class lately , since,  sadly,  she has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer .

She will undergo a long road of treatment and recovery and she and her family need our support .

Her friends have set up a Go Fund me page to help defray her exorbitant medical expenses and financial difficulties.



Every little bit will help .

Please keep Gina and her family in your thoughts and prayers .

Namaste and Happy Holidays Yogis

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