Candlelight Restorative This Friday / June Special/ New Classes / Upcoming Workshops /Supper Club

june restorative

There is still some room !


Candlelight Restorative Workshop

with Siobhan

Friday ,June 2nd

7:15pm – 9:15pm


Come discover the wonder of restorative yoga. In this gentle session you will use a variety of props to bask in supportive, relaxing poses which enable our bodies and minds to heal, restore and find balance. This a great way to center oneself: physically, emotionally, and mentally. Along the way we will also explore breathing & relaxation techniques. This workshop is for everyone; no prior yoga

experience is needed.

To sign up online visit the




Summer’s coming ! Get ready with our

June Special !

5 Class Card – $55 

That’s more than 15% off the regular 5 class card 

and more than 25% off our Drop-In rate 

For more information and to buy online go to the





June’s new classes and times !


Wednesday 6:00am Express with Carly

(This class starts June 14th ) 

This BASIC AM class is 60 minute

 to get you started with your day.


Monday 7:00pm  Level 1-2 with David 

Wednesday 7:00pm Level 1-2 with Chrissy 


If you have some Yoga experience  or have been coming to our BASIC  classes for awhile  

Level 1-2  is the next step.

We  will work on slightly more advanced poses and breathing techniques . We will break down Sun Salutations , Chaturanga Dandasana and arm balances .


Sunday 9:00am BASIC :



with Chrissy 


This class is a BASIC flow with emphasis on toning and building muscle .

Expect extra push-ups, core work and  squats.




June is a tricky month  in everyone’s schedule.

We have had to move some things around to accommodate as many people as possible .


Supper Club

( Vegan Pot Luck )

Sunday , June 11th 


Theme : French 

Bring a Vegan dish or beverage and compete for first prize ! ( one free class and your name on our Chef’s Trophy ) 

Let us know if you need any suggestions 



The Wheel Workshop is back !

Sunday , June 25th 

5:00 pm – 7:00 pm



Did you acquire a Yoga Wheel and have no idea what to do with it ?

Maybe you did Shoulderstand ( pictured) and thought … now what?

We love our wheels ! You may see some students use them in class .  They are great for improving back bends and balance and there are many other fun things this prop brings to our practice !

If you have a wheel , bring it along .

If you need to buy one , you can find them on Amazon .

Click here for a link for a 13 inch wheel 


To register online go to our WORKSHOP PAGE 



Coming in JULY !




The Kids’s Classes will be starting up again on

Saturday , July 1st

 Stay tuned for times and age groups !



Friday , July 14th 

7:15 pm – 8:15 pm 

Learn how to Meditate 

with Barbara Sloan 


For more information and to register online  go to the WORKSHOP PAGE


Summer foods

We have had a hard time coming up with a date that suits all for the next Cooking Workshop . ( we hope this one is it !)

July 16th

 5:00 – 7:00 pm

Vegan Cooking Workshop

Theme: Summer Foods

With Chrissy McSweeney

Chrissy is a graduate of The Natural Gourmet Institute’s  Plant Based Chef’s Training Program


We will learn to Veganize traditional Summer foods

( with Gluten Free Options )

Some dishes we will be making :

Corn Chowder  – “Crab” CakesWatermelon Tomato GazpachoFalafel BurgersPestoWatermelon Salad with Tofu FetaBanana Ice Cream

Advanced Registration Required

For more information

and to register online

visit our



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