Kids Class/Fall Workshops/Potluck/Dwali/



The Kids Class has been moved to

Sunday at 1:00pm

Ages 7 to 11

( other ages will be considered with approval of the instructor )





This Sunday

October 16th

4 – 6 pm

We (and quite a few of the students ) have recently acquired Yoga Wheels.

We have put together a workshop that we will hold every month to learn how to use them for back bends and inversions and all the fun things this new prop brings to our practice !
If you came to the last Wheel Workshop , we have lots of new stuff too .

$25 in advance $30 Drop In

Sign up on our WORKSHOP Page




Inversion + Arm Balance Workshop:

Knock down the Stereotype!

With Christina Lancione, RYT-200

Scary…difficult…”I could never do that!”…”So harddd!” If you find yourself saying these things about any of the inversions, you will find value in this workshop.

Come knock down these stereotypes with us

Sunday , October 30th 3:30 pm

Whether you’re looking to face these mental obstacles or just want to take your inversion practice to the next level, join us as we break down the prep, alignment, and technique of poses like headstand, forearm stand, progressions into handstand, new ways to spice up shoulderstand, among others. Instead of just muscling through this two-hour workshop, we will learn how to feel in the poses, which will lead to greater awareness and precision in each balance, as well as connect us with our playful inner child who is excited to try again after flopping many, many times.

See you upside down!

*Open Level – beginners welcome! Various variations/modifications for even the simplest and most difficult poses will be offered.

$25 in advance $30 Drop In

Sign up on our WORKSHOP page


This month’s Vegan Potluck will be held immediately after the Inversion Workshop on

Sunday October 30th at 6PM

Theme : Octoberfest

(Just bring your dish to the Workshop and we will keep it warm for you )

Bring a Vegan dish or beverage ( Gluten Free optional ) and compete for first prize , one free class and your name on our chef’s trophy


We will be holding our Dwali Feast on  Wednesday November 2nd

Come to the 7PM class and stay to celebrate the Festival of Lights ! There will be food and sweets and Yoga Bingo !

(If you cannot make class , please come to the party anyway )


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