Energy healing for the Body , Mind and Soul

Instructor : Ryan Linehan OLHT Master Graduate

Join us for an Enhanced Meditation and Healing Class

Learn or Deepen your meditation skills

Experience OLHT‘s powerful Six Position Movement Meditation and Chanting for self healing and inner peace

Hundreds of studies have demonstrated the benefits of meditation , including :

improvement in in concentration
increased white blood cell activity and overall health
the reduction of chronic pain, depression and stress hormones


Instructor: Ryan Linehan is an OLHT Practitioner who has been working with energy healing since 2007 and is a graduate of the One Light Healing Touch Basic and Master’s trainings as well as the Theta-Healing Basic training. Ryan began learning about alternative medicine , energy healing and meditation in 2003 to improve his ow health and wellbeing . he is currently working towards a Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from Hunter Collage and was previously the Engage Life Director for five years at Atria Briarcliff Manor , an assisted living community, where he still does Senior Wellness classes for the residents.

One Light Energy Touch offers training in 50 self-healing practices and 33 healing techniques for healing ourselves and others. OLHT was founded by Ron Lavin , MA ,a renowned healer and gifted psychic . He has participated in five landmark studies with the National Institutes of Heath and has been featured in the media internationally. See for inspiring healing stories, testimonials and healing studies . Energy healing has been proven to be successful in a broad range of chronic physical an emotional conditions.

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