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Darren will be heading back to Dublin soon with his shiny new Stretch keychain and a rock solid Tripod Headstand , both earned this week when he completed 7 Yoga classes in 7 days .  Well, 6 days actually , he finished with a double OPEN LEVEL ( and we did not take it easy on him) Well done Darren . We always love when you come for a visit . We hope to see you again really soon!!


Brianna also finished her classes in 6 days ending with the same double OPEN LEVEL as Darren …these Yogis are tough. Her most improved pose is this amazing ONE ARMED -ONE LEGGED UPWARD BOW   . I believe she is the only one at the studio who can hold it long enough for a photo !!! So great Brianna !


Just a reminder , we will be closed from:

August 27th through September 7th 


Save the date for our second annual YOGA MALA YONKERS , which will take place at Untermyer Park on September 20th , from 3-6pm.

For more info click on our Yoga Mala Yonkers page  .


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 Facebook @The Stretch Yoga 

Instagram @TheStretchYoga

Happy Summer

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