More Challengers

This winter has been challenging to say the least , but  for these three Yoginis even more so!


Katie finished her 30 Day Challenge on Friday . This is her second one, since she did one last February. She now can do both Headstand and Handstand away from the wall . Way to go !


Maria finished her 7 Day Challenge also on Friday . She told us taking class for 7 days has really polished her practice which flows more smoothly and she now feels more familiar with the Sanskrit terms . Well done !


Heidi finished her 30 Day Challenge strong, with a double on Saturday . This is also her second 30 Day Challenge. Heidi , you may remember , finished a 7 Day Challenge last month but continued to come to class everyday. It didn’t take much “arm twisting” ( Yoga humor) to get her to parlay the 7 Day into a 30 Challenge and now she can do  that  beautiful Urvha Dhanurasana  she has been working on so intently with no props or assistance. Good stuff Heidi !

We are so proud you all

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