7 Day Challenge / T-Shirts / Gift Certificates/ Pot Luck Solstice Party


Kevin is the latest yogi to complete The 7 Day Challenge . He says he feels so good that he is going to continue to come to class every day until the holiday break. His last class was a killer and he left it all on the mat , with just a little left over to show us his Stretch Key Chain in a  One Handed Handstand finishing Kevin Style…  Well done KVT !


Sorry for the delay if you ordered a T-Shirt . The printing company had a major equipment failure and is waiting on a part to be delivered to finish our order. Fingers crossed they get it soon.

Solstice Party /Vegan Pot Luck

Celebrate The Return Of The Light with us this Sunday , December 21st at 6:00 pm . Bring a Vegan dish or beverage and compete for 1st Prize . (let us know if you need any ideas)

Gift Certificates 

Need a last minute gift ? Remember our Gift Certificates start at just $10 .

Happy Holidays

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