Our Latest Challenger/Thanksgiving Schedule/November Pot Luck


The adorable Candice has now finished her second 7 DAY CHALLENGE,  which included one double and a class dressed as a mouse for Halloween ! Her progress has been amazing since she has started her yoga journey with us.  She can hold a beautiful Headstand in the middle of the room ( from Crow Pose we may add) among other strong steady inversions. She is now considering doing a 30 DAY CHALLENGE  this winter.


Wednesday , November 26th 

11:00 am OPEN LEVEL with Diane   ONLY

Thursday, November 27th 


Friday , November 28th

11:00 am OPEN LEVEL with Chrissy ONLY

the NOVEMBER VEGAN POT LUCK will be on Sunday, November 30th at 6:00 pm. Thanksgiving will be the theme ! Bring your favorite VEGAN Thanksgiving dish and compete for bragging rights and one free class. If you need suggestions let us know .


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