November Schedule Changes/Pot Luck /T-Shirts


Namaste y’all, our next VeganPotLuck is this coming Sunday, October 26th at 6:00pm. Bring a Vegan dish or beverage and compete for first prize ,one free class ( Diane’s Apple Cake ( pictured above) was last month’s winner! If you need any suggestions on what to bring just let us know.

The following changes to the schedule will start November 1st :

(The Schedule Page is always current)

Monday 6:00pm will now be BASIC

Wednesday’s schedule will be pushed back and hour and will be as follows:

Wed 3:15 pm OPEN LEVEL with Chrissy 

5:00 pm BASIC with David

7:00 pm OPEN LEVEL with Chrissy

We are adding a NEW morning class on Thursday :

Thu 10:30 am BASIC with Chrissy

6:00 pm is now basic with David

8:00 pm BASIC with Chrissy (stays the same)

Sunday’s  1:00 pm RESTORATIVE class starts up November 2

We are putting in another T-Shirt Order  , so if you missed the last order now’s the time.  We are offering a new style Women’s Cami in addition to the T-Shirt  and Tanks .

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